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Agile Leadership

2-day training with Andrea Provaglio

Creating innovative and adaptive organizations


Andrea Provaglio is an independent professional in the field of Information Technology, with almost twenty years of working experience in three different continents.

He assists his clients in finding better ways to develop software and to create better development teams, and he supports individuals who want to improve technically and relationally.

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Companies that manifest agility, those that are able to quickly adapt to new environmental conditions and to generate new opportunities, are based on leadership models that rely on the participative, responsible engagement of their people and on the decentralization of some decisional processes.

This workshop will cover topics that span from the organizational to the individual, and from the technical to the humanistic, with the goal of supporting the development of organizations that are ready to operate effectively and efficiently in the 21st century.

Contents - day 1


  • Complexity in market and organizational contexts: business agility, continuous change and innovation
  • The Cynefin framework: how it relates to business agility
  • The traditional role of management and leadership
  • Evolution in management and leadership (Situational Leadership, Catalyst Leadership, other approaches)
  • High-performing teams: Google's "Project Aristotle"
  • Motivation and Engagement in intellectual workers
  • How to create and enable self-organizing teams and keep them aligned with the organization's strategic goals
  • Shared responsibility in self-organizing teams
  • Scaling self-organization beyond the single team: coordination and alignment
  • Case studies of organizations manifesting business agility (including Spotify, Zappos, Valve, Semco)

Contents - day 2


  • Self-awareness: the foundation of leadership
  • Dilt's Leadership Model: introduction
  • The Personal Responsibility Process (Avery)
  • Safety, Direction and Growth: manifesting your leadership on these three essential dimensions
  • The leader as a coach
  • Promoting Psychological Safety in your teams
  • Practices and tips for effective leadership
  • Dilt's Leadership Model: application
  • The role of leadership in self-organizing contexts
  • Creating your own "leadership toolbox"
  • References and other sources


We say that society progresses at the pace of its slowest individuals. In a similar way, an organization can evolve towards modern, adaptive and Agile models only at the pace determined by the level of personal leadership of its most influential individuals, whom others are willing to follow towards a shared goal.

This workshop, on one hand, raises the level of awareness about the characteristic meaning of leadership in Agile contexts; on the other hand, it provides the attendees with operational and self-awareness tools that they can use to manifest their leadership in modern, innovative organizations — those that are ready to fully operate in a non-deterministic world subject to rapid changes in technology, society and markets.

Clearly, such a wide topic cannot be deeply and thoroughly explored in two training days. For this reason, this workshop is designed to give the attendees ample opportunities to experience first-hand some of the key aspects through the active interaction with their colearners. It also provides abundant references and pointers that allow the attendees to continue on their own individual leadership journey after the class.

Intended Audience

  • Executives, program and line managers, team leaders, Scrum Masters, Agile coaches

Level and Prerequisites

  • Intermediate/advanced; professional experience in leading/managing teams is recommended
  • An understanding of the fundamental Agile principles is useful but not mandatory

Learning objectives

  • Effectively distinguish between management and leadership
  • Understand different leadership models for contexts of complexity, uncertainty and rapid change
  • How to apply operational and organizational frameworks that are fit for a complex world
  • Develop self-awareness as the foundation of your personal leadership
  • How to improve motivation, commitment and responsibility (both individual and collective) in selforganizing teams
  • How to be a leader and a coach in self-organizing teams
  • How to scale self-organization on multiple, interdependent teams


  • Interactive learning experience, with practical exercises in groups of 4-5 people for about 50% of the time
  • Frontal presentations, group and individual activities for the remaining 50% of the time

Language: English

Duration: 2 days

Warsaw, Poland